Homogenizer and High-Pressure Processing Parts & Service

Dealing with Ickler for parts eliminates all the factory questions and irritating run-around with serial numbers. Ickler’s small size and personal attention to detail, make Ickler’s customer service directly customer oriented and more specialized than what the original equipment manufacturer can offer. It is easy to quickly obtain the parts you need from Ickler using dimensions, part numbers, a model number or serial number. If you are unsure of  your requirements, our staff will talk with you and help you order what you need from descriptions or measurements. The experienced machinists and service professionals at Ickler can manufacture custom parts if your needs fall outside what the original manufacturer can provide. In addition, many Ickler brand parts have been re-engineered to eliminate problematic deficiencies that were present in the original factory parts. Ickler specializes in parts claimed discontinued or obsolete by the manufacturer.

Parts & Services

Ickler stocks most common Gaulin MC & MS heads. Many new heads are available and ready to ship on the same day. Call (320)-251-8282 for a quote.

Parts & Services available from Ickler include the following:

  • Ball Guides, Stops & Cages
  • Caps
  • Crankshafts
  • Crankshaft Main Bearings
  • Crosshead Balls, Bearings, Retainers & Nuts
  • Homogenizing Valves, Seats & Impact Rings
  • High Pressure Pump Heads
  • Packing Adjustment Rings
  • Plunger Adapters
  • Plunger Rings
  • Plunger Rods
  • Plungers/Pistons
  • Poppet & Ball Valves
  • Studs & Nuts
  • Stuffing Boxes & Nuts
  • Wrist Pins & Wrist Pin Bearings
  • Valve Bodies
  • Valve Seats
  • Conversion of integral seats to replaceable seat heads
  • Re-Babbitting of Connecting Rods
  • Rental Heads
  • Resurfacing of  Homogenizer Valves
  • Valve Job / Replacement of Valve Seats

Original Ingenuity

One very unique Ickler innovation is the Ickler Hybrid Pump Head. This pump head will fit on older machines which came with integeral, or straight-sided seats, and incorporates the modern convenience of tapered field-servicable seats. See more details under the Hybrid section of the website.

Ickler has the greatest selection of APV Gaulin high-pressure pump parts, but Ickler also has the capacity to manufacture parts for Crepaco, Cherry Burrell, Niro Soavi, Bos, or Tetra Pak machines. In some cases customers have requested custom adaptors to allow one brand of pump to fit with another brand’s discharge or homogenizing apparatus. These types of conversion projects save customers both time and money.  

Examples of Parts We Keep in Stock

Ickler is an Authorized Distributor of Authentic Rexalloy Replacement Parts

Equipment Rental

Ickler maintains a modest Rental Service. To minimize downtime and keep your operation going, Ickler can often provide a used or refurbished pump head to keep your plant up and running while a new replacement part is manufactured.

Field Service

Ickler’s team of field service technicians service homogenizers and high-pressure processing equipment across the Upper Midwest. Currently serving Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Wisconsin.

Contact us by email or call today, (320) 251-8282.

Exploded View Drawings

One unique customer service Ickler offers is our Exploded View drawings. When you become an Ickler customer, our staff can create an Exploded View “AT-A-GLANCE” parts diagram for your specific machine(s). Your maintenance and purchasing staff will have no problem identifying the parts they need from the easy-to-recognize-and-compare pictorial drawings. The drawings will include both Ickler part numbers and common OEM part numbers for your specific high pressure pump or homogenizer.

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