Better than Brand New - Hybrid
Cylinder Pump Head Conversion

Renew your homogenizer with an Ickler Super Duty Conversion, Hybrid Cylinder Block. This service is available for many older Cherry Burrell, Crepaco, and Gaulin K-Series size 6 & 12 machines. Conversion blocks can also be made for other machines as well, just give the Dairy Department a call and tell us about your needs.

Many Advantages to an Ickler Hybrid Cylinder Block

  • Thicker, more durable
  • Uses your existing discharge assembly (whether spray drying or homogenizing)
  • Industry standard suction & discharge valve seats (easily field-replaceable) and valves
  • Available in Ball (TBS) or Poppet (TPS) design
  • Uses modern flat nylon upper & front cap gaskets
  • Head assemblies are supplied with ALL PARTS necessary to bolt up to your machine and come up to proper pressure. No extra parts to source on your end.
  • Uses all standard off the shelf factory parts
  • Ickler supplied parts are fully interchangeable with the Original Equipment Manufacturers parts
  • Factory part numbers and Ickler part numbers are provided on our Exclusive Exploded View Drawings
  • Eliminates any guess work when reordering parts.
  • Available in 15-5 stainless for greater strength, or 316 stainless for greater resistance against corrosion of acidic products

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